Homegrown Leadership Symposium

A one-day annual leadership conference to promote citizenship and support pluralism.

CFC aims to engage citizens of Canada to develop and advance leadership through active citizenship.  This is achieved by organizing and hosting a one-day annual leadership conference to promote active participation, responsible citizenship and support pluralism.  Conference panelists demonstrate a commitment to advance leadership skills and provide inspiration to take concrete steps to make a difference. Attendees of the conference include a diverse audience.  Together they share real life examples of how engagement and involvement can lead to positive outcomes in our communities. 

Shaping Your Canadian Identity Initiative


CFC aspires to create dialogue on what it means to be a citizen. This will be achieved by hosting community-led citizenship reaffirmation ceremonies in partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as well as leaders in business and civil society. Prior to the ceremony, small roundtable discussions will take place between citizens and community members to share stories and collectively reflect on what it means to be Canadian. An informal reception will follow after the ceremony.